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Before booking please read the booking instructions and additional information below:

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Booking Instructions & Additional Information

Booking Instructions

When booking online we will only charge the first hour as a deposit for your reservation. In the booking notes please indicate either the time range or number of hours requested and once we receive your booking confirmation we will adjust the booking time accordingly. The remaining balance for the room rate, cover charge and any additional fees will then be charged onsite at the end of your session.


For your food we provide tables. We encourage you to bring table covers for decoration and easier cleanup.

For your drinks you would have to bring your own cooler and ice as we cannot provide ice.

Smoking/ Vaping/ Alcohol

Smoking and Vaping is not permitted indoors in the rooms/ studio spaces. You are welcome to smoke/ vape outdoors on the lanai.

BYOB alcoholic beverages are to be consumed indoors and not brought outdoors on our lanai space.

$3 Per Person Cover Charge

The $3 Cover Charge is a one time, per person fee paid in whole at the end of your session. This fee applies only to karaoke or listening parties and events. This fee does not apply to photography, recording, podcasting, classes or meetings.

Cleaning and Set up Fee

A $100 Cleaning Fee will be added to all Special Party Event bookings that include two or more rooms and lanai space. Fee includes setup and breakdown of additional tables and chairs.

No additional Cleaning Fee is charged when booking only one room at a time.


Damage Fee

Kaeo Studios reserves the right to charge customers for damage to equipment and property. Damage Fee to be determined at the time of the incident in proportion to the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment or property. A plumbing charge will be assessed for any clogging of the toilets due to flushed items or objects aside from toilet paper.

Vomit Fee

A $100 cleaning fee will be charged for any vomiting incident incurred as a result of intoxication or sickness. This includes missed or uncleaned vomit in the restroom sinks or toilets.

After-hours Fee

A $60 after-hours fee will be added to the regular room rate for parties extending past 2:00 am.

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Ready to Book?

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