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Kaeo Studios is not just a place where you can sing along to a numerous selection of songs. With our equipment you have the choice to record your party, your own music, or even podcasts.

It doesn't stop there. If photography is more your thing, we provide for that also. Our infinity wall comes complete with a 3ft radius, 12'W x 9.5'H cyclorama plus lighting equipment for your photography needs.

What if you wanted to use our space to record tutorials, promote your business, hold a class, or hold an art gallery? Kaeo is here for all of it.


Our main karaoke system is powered by Karafun with thousands of licensed, studio-quality songs to choose from. From classics to today's hits and a catalog that gets updated almost every day, you'll never run out of songs to queue up and sing. For international music we use Apple Music Sing* which boasts a catalog of millions of songs (*some songs may not be karaoke compatible).


When using space for recording, our equipment includes microphones, cables, a MIDI keyboard, and mixers. All sounds will be recorded onto an SD card that either you bring or we provide at a cost.


We have a wide selection of photography/video tools ranging from lights, umbrellas, soft boxes, stands, and much more. Should you choose to use our photographer, all media will be recorded onto an SD card and transferred to a flash drive for you to keep. You are absolutely free to bring your own photographer if you choose to rent the space alone. Equipment is all inclusive, but you and your photographer are responsible for setup. 


Our snack bar is included with your studio time. BYOB/BYOF welcome. Don't feel like cooking? We also encourage you to order from our neighboring restaurants. 

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